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Friday, June 01, 2007

Hillary Flunked The Bar Exam?

The MSM continues to sanitize Hillary's biography.

Did you know this? Hillary flunked the District of Columbia bar exam after completing law school.

If George W. Bush had gone to law school and later flunked the bar exam, you can imagine that fact would have become a virtual part of his name in the MSM, as in "George Bush, who failed the bar exam, today criticized a law that . . ."

But it came as news to me when Carl Bernstein mentioned on this morning's "Today" that Hillary flunked the Washington, DC bar exam back in the '70s. OK, I'm not the most knowledegable guy, and the fact of Hillary's failure is not news -- after years of hiding the embarrassment, she revealed it, en passant, in her ghostwritten 2003 "autobiography."

Update: Do you think that the mainstream media will report on Hillary's telephone eavesdropping during the 90's?


Patrick said...

I hadn't heard either of these claims --but I imagine that's because of a media blackout on anything potentially negative about Hillary...

Speaking of eavsdropping...wasn't that what Jihad Jim got busted for? Maybe someone will sue Hillary, and that'll bring the claims into the limelight.

The Sublibrarian said...


Sound and fury signifying nothing. Clearly she passed it later. You know, not everyone passes the first time. Same w/ the CPA exam. Same w/ various network certifications. No one's hiding anything--it's only the paranoids who think it's signficant.

If Bush is qualified to be President, given his educational background, then Hillary is overqualified. Your guy set the bar extraordinarily low.

And there are many forms of failure that have no effect on anyone else, unlike the criminal and bloody failures of Commander Codpiece.

April E. Coggins said...

The point of the story is not that Hillary flunked the bar exam, rather it is pointing out the double standard of the liberally biased mainstream media.

Judging from your picture, you probably remember the major "scandal" when V.P. Dan Quayle misspelled "potato(e)." The media went nuts, for years and years. The media seems to enjoy finding and picking at the smallest scab of Republican candidates, while ignoring the fairly large, bloody gashes found on Dem candidates.