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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 5 Republican Debate Scorecard

From CNN.com:

1. Who do you think won the debate?

No clear winner. Giuliani, McCain and Romney all had effective moments. - Bill Schneider Sr. political analyst
Giuliani - Paul Begala Democratic strategist
McCain - Amy Holmes GOP strategist

2. Who seemed to know most about the issues?

No big difference here. - Schneider
McCain - Begala
All equally knowledgeable - Holmes

3. Who had the best one-liner or comeback?

McCain: His response to the woman who asked about her brother’s sacrifice. Also – Giuliani's lightning strike comment. - Schneider
Tancredo (His remark: "I'd tell George W. Bush never to darken the door of the White House.") - Begala
Giuliani (lightning strike) and Huckabee again proved wit and skill. - Holmes

4. Who had the most disappointing performance at the debate?

George Bush had very few defenders in this field of Republicans. - Schneider
T. Thompson - Begala
Romney He didn't grow - Holmes

5. Whose performance was most surprising?

Tancredo’s astonishing attack on President Bush. - Schneider
Huckabee Witty and warm - Begala
McCain - Holmes

6. Whose campaign got the biggest boost from the debate?

McCain and Romney by defending themselves well – and by not attacking each other. - Schneider
Giuliani - Begala
McCain - Homes

7. Who was the snappiest dresser?

Forget clothes. Romney has the best hair. I wonder how much he pays for his haircuts? - Schneider
Wolf Blitzer - Begala
Romney - Holmes

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