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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Maybe it will work with Tom...

It seems to be happening with Fred Thompson. Lots of people want him to run. It sounds like he will run! That is good.

With that success, lets see if we can get Tom to go to Colfax tomorrow and file for one of the seats for Pullman City Council. How cool would that be? As of this morning I heard a couple seats have not been filed for.



Tom Forbes said...

Thanks Scotty, but you won't see me over at Colfax this afternoon for a couple fo reasons:

1. I live in Ward 1. The only two seats I could run for are Position 4 (Ward 1 ) and Position 6 (At Large.) Francis Benjamin has filed for Position 4 and Keith Bloom has filed for Position 6. Francis and Keith are two of the best council members we've got. There's no way I would run against either of them.

2. Being on the City Council, I would have to stop writing about Wal-Mart, water, Moscow, etc. How much fun would that be? The Caped Crusader is much more effective on his own.

Adam J. Niehenke said...

Whats says you couldn't write still. Be able to undercut your openents with a much broader appeal.

Michael said...

Tom's right. Public office pretty much takes one out of the pontification business. Or, at least it restricts it mightily. I know that the Tribune would can me instantly if I ever even filed for candidacy.
Too bad really. Winston Churchill wrote opinion pieces while he was an out-of-favor back bencher in the British Parliament. The prescience of those columns ultimately elevated him to prime minister.