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Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Hey, give Finch a break...sometimes"

Once again, I find myself in agreement with Gordon Forgey, the publisher of the Whitman County Gazette, this time about Whitman County Commissioner Jerry Finch.

I have not seen eye-to-eye with Jerry on every issue, particularly the recently passed Rural Residential Zoning Ordinance. But I consider him a personal friend and he always has the best interests of Whitman County in mind. If Jerry runs for reelection next year, it'll be my privilge to help him out. But what I love the most about Jerry is how he always says what he thinks, no matter how politically incorrect it might be. That's quite unusual these days.

From the June 14 edition of the Gazette:
County commissioner Jerry Finch is catching heat again.

This time it is because of comments made during a light moment in the commssioners' chambers.

Some of his comments in the past have marked him. The disabled, the underemployed, publishers of rags and the like have taken umbrage to specific remarks he has made. Now it seems every utterance of his is checked against the scale of political correctness by the public.

He can come across hard at times. He can sound flippant at others.

Sometimes, too, he can make sense.

It is refreshing to have a politician who isn't a politician. He speaks without considering what his comments will do for his career or his likability numbers.

Sure, he has ruffled fathers. Sure, he has been wrong about the quality of a certain newspaper. Even so, his comments show him to be unrehearsed and spontaneous. At least, he does not waste public time consulting a public relations handbook.

The comments quoted in the Gazette last week were in jest. Although it might cost him a Father's Day present from the daughter who he said whined only less than fellow commssioner Michael Largent, his comments were not hurtful. The worst that can be said is that he wuold never make it as standup comedian. Henny Youngman he isn't. He should leave the humor to Commissioner Greg Partch.

Finch is doing his best for the people of Whitman County. He brings a no-nonsense approach to certain aspects of county government that sometimes works.

And, just because he doesn't know the difference between some yellow tabloid and a Pulitzer worthy weekly, there is no reason to gang up on him. Send him a Father's Day card instead of a nasty note. he is bound to get one of those from his daughter.
NOTE: Commissioner Finch's comments were made with regards to approval of Commissioner Michael Largent's request to purchase a new laptop computer.


The Geezer said...

Sounds as if Jerry hasn't changed since I worked for him and the family in 1967.

Some, but few, have integrity, consistency, and a sense of fairness.

Looks as if Ol' Jerry still does.

The Geezer

Scotty said...

I would love to know specifically what the comment was... Sounds like it could be funny.

April E. Coggins said...

Jerry is good guy with no ax to grind. He shoots from the hip sometimes, but what honest person doesn't?
I also loved Gordon's writing. Very clever.