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Friday, March 17, 2006

Goodbye to the CUB as we know it

There is a new plan at
that covers changes to Wilson Road and area. The WSU Fire/Police station are gone. The turn around is gone. The CUB parking lot is gone.

The closest parking will be the library garage parking lot that is a pay lot unless you have a permit. How is this going to help the Bookie with sales? Making people park a longer distance away to get there. Crimson and Grey must be loving that. People can go there and park and be nice and close.

If you have heard me on the air for the last year I have been critical of the Booking taking over 1/4 of the CUB. A space for the students that is being taken. Student organizations fighting for space in a student building. It seems clear to me there are problems with this plan. That is why you now hear me talk about the Bookie Mall instead of the CUB.


Ray Lindquist said...

I have heard that the Post Office will not be back. Also the rate they wanted to charge them in the "New" CUB would be more than they pay in Bellevue per squrae foot of space. I don't know about you but it is so nice to have that postal station in the center of campus so you can drop off a parcel or pickup stamps as needed.

This should change, we need a postal station for the students.

Scotty said...

The plans show a place for Postal Services. I don't think it will have PO boxes. I think it will be a place to drop off mail.

April E. Coggins said...

Will it have a trolley? LOL! This is the ultimate plan according to the Greenies. We will have a great experiment in Pullman. The CUB is designed to smart growth standards vs. Wal-Mart and the Crimson and Grey which are designed to appeal to the capitalist standards. Let's see who wins. Of course the Socialist's will whine when capitalism wins, and demand we are stopped from having the right to shop where we please.