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Friday, March 17, 2006

Pullman Held Hostage: Day 166

Since PARD filed its Site Plan appeal on October 3 2005, Pullman has lost:

  • $331,583.34 in sales and property tax revenues (based on data presented at the appeal hearing by Johnson Gardner and the Whitman County Assessor's Office)

  • $16,980.65 in direct fees associated with the appeal (based on figures from Pullman Finance Director Troy Woo)

  • Incalculable hours of the city staff's time spent in preparation for and attendance at the appeal hearings, keeping them from other important business of the people

  • In return, PARD has gained:

  • An increased contribution (anywhere from 21% to 100%) from Wal-Mart for a traffic light at Grand and Fairmount that was already planned

  • A traffic light at Bishop and Pro Mall Blvd. that will never exist


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    1 comment:

    April E. Coggins said...

    PARD has had their day in court. They have had the impartial person hear their pleadings. They lost fair and square. There is no basis for their claims. PARD needs to stop offering up Pullman taxes as their sacrifice on their alter of anti-Wal-Martism. PARD members need to be held personally responsible for their jihad on Pullman.