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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Who's To Blame for Health Care Crisis?

According to a new study by the Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations and the Mathematica Policy Research Group, it's not who we are always told by our local intelligentsia:

From yesterday's Idaho Statesman:
Mathematica researcher Lynn Taylor explained one reason Idaho is unique. About 40 percent of all Idaho workers are employed by businesses with fewer than 50 employees — far more than the national average of 29 percent. Small businesses are less likely than big ones to be able to afford health insurance.
What's this????? We are regaled with letters to the editor on a weekly basis singing the praises of small business over the evil, ugly big boxes, and it turns out that small business is responsible for many people not having health insurance in Idaho?

See, our latte liberals either ignore or are willfully ignorant of the politically incorrect truth. Small businesses are an integral part of our economy and represent the ultimate realization of free enterprise and the American Dream. But let's face it. A worker at Wal-Mart is going to have much better wages and benefits than a worker at a small, trendy "boutique" store.

As Michael O'Neal pointed out so well the other day, wealthy leftists have to assuage their guilty consciences somehow, so their snobbish disdain of "cheap Chinese crap" gets whitewashed with the false rubric of "worker's rights."

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