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Friday, July 06, 2007

How To Get a Haircut That Costs as Much as John Edwards'

Now that we know that John Edwards will spend at least $1250 for a haircut, it's worth learning what that kind of money will buy.

Mary Katherine Ham goes undercover, although admittedly not very far undercover.


Daniel F Schanze said...

This post imparticular has made me come back on Palousitics (even though I was taking the summer off).

I disagree with the inference that it is wrong or wasteful to get a hair cut that costs over $1,000. You can not put a price on looks, how you look is often a relectiono on how good you feel throughout the day.

For example, do you feel more accomplished getting ready and dressed nice for the day, or do you feel more accomplished when you dump out of bed throwing on a pair of sweats and running shoes?

Take the economy for example, the best it has been under the Bush Administration in decades might I add. He is supporting it by buying this service/product. America is all about extravagance. We are the land of opportunity. I say why not...

p.s. This is the only issue I support Edwards on, the rest of what he stands for is full of shit.

Daniel F Schanze said...

Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I just woke up. :-)

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...


I agree with you, but on this point, it still makes sense to call John Edwards out over his mop. In short, this guy keeps talking about "two Americas," trying to champion one by vilifying the other, all the while living as the latter.

As many of his type could do but don't, John could "lead the charge" and start handing out his wealth. He wants to hand out yours and mine instead.

It's too bad that sometimes people think hypocrites to be electable (I don't think John will turn out to be one of them though).

Michael said...

The John Edwards haircut stories don't just point to his hypocrisy, but to his dishonesty and immaturity.
When the story first broke, Edwards insisted that he had no idea how much his haircuts cost and blamed his staff. The Washington Post story reveals that Edward originally paid for the haircuts out of his own pocket and knew very well the price of his coiffure. So he lied and ducked responsibility.
He's a fraud and I hope he gets the nomination. He's the easiest target.

Daniel F Schanze said...

Your right Paul and I totally agree with you. I never thought of it that way. I just didn't make the connection between his life and his political stance.