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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is Criticism of Evangelical Christianity Racist?

Michael raises an excellent point about criticism of Islam. If criticism of Islam is racist, it follows then that criticism of evangelical Christianity is racist as well.

Suppose the movie "Jesus Camp" (see trailer above) were shown at WSU, would the group that showed it be considered "undisputably racist?" Would there be "guaranteed protests" because local evangelical Christians found it "offensive and hateful?"

Rev. Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, said this about the film:
It does represent a small portion of the charismatic movement, but I think it demonizes it. Secularists are hoping that evangelical Christians and radicalized Muslims are essentially the same, which is why they will love this film.
"Jesus Camp" was shown last semester as part of the WSU Progressive Film Series. The WSU Young Democrats promoted the film at a meeting in January and I'm sure many of them attended the screening. I don't recall any outrage.

I would disagree with Rev. Haggard. Secular humanists don't want radical Muslims and evangelical Christians to be the same. As our little bleeding hearts' actions indicate, they obviously hate Christians and love Muslims. Take a photo of Christ covered in urine, win an award. Throw the Koran in the toilet, go to jail. Is this racism? According to the YDs it is, and they ought to know.

My advice to the WSU YDs is not bother protesting any showing of the films about Islam. I guarantee that the stench of hypocrisy will overwhelm you.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Tom: "My advice to the WSU YDs is not bother protesting any showing of the films about Islam. I guarantee that the stench of hypocrisy will overwhelm you."

Were it not that their nostrils are plugged, so to speak.

Following my previous comment about the seeming lack of understanding of the proper application of the term, "racist" by our local trolls, I began to wonder if it is really a lack of understanding or if it is the result of programming.

Having read "Sutra"'s comments that still insist that criticism of an ideology constitutes racism against its adherents (even though the ideology itself claims to transcend race and the mix of its followers demonstrate that), and after it has been pointed out numerous times that an ideology is not a race (duh), I am moved to believe that most of the WSU Product(tm) is conditioned to blurt "racist!" any time they are confronted with X proposal not squaring with Y given doctrine.

That said, I really doubt they are even capable of understanding their hypocrisy. The capacity to do so has been pushed off of their mental maps to make room for automatic PC responses.

Nic said...

ummm... minor correction, it is Ted Haggard, and he is no longer the president of the NAE... apparently he has a penchant for male prostitutes and meth... a conflict of interest by my understanding.

Tom Forbes said...

Thanks Nic. I knew it was Ted but I typed out Tim for some reason.