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Monday, July 30, 2007

Why We Moderate

The anonymous troll known as "Sutra" wrote the following in a post that I rejected earlier:
Saying something is racist is not name calling. Just ask yourself, are you making massive generalization against a huge group of people based on there [sic] religion? If you are, that can be easily construed as raciest [sic]. I assume this post will be deleted as well. But I hope you realized [sic] this defeats the whole idea of conversation. Tell me why it is not racist. Make a counter clam[sic]. I would love to debate.
Sutra is a WSU Young Democrat. On the WSU Young Democrats message board, the following message was posted today by a "Geoff Ringwald"
Coming Soon...More CR tomfoolery

They are at it again but this time is it against an entire culture of people.

I was just perusing the pages of our favorite conservitive [sic] blog. When ran[sic] across this.


We are in for yet another interesting year. I think that allies will be easy to come by thanks to the CR’s undisputable racism.

See you guys soon and we will talk about this.
First of all, for God's sake, if you going to bash this blog, learn how to spell "conservative." It's embarrassing for me as a Washington taxpayer. Take more basic spelling and grammar courses and fewer comparative ethnic studies courses.

Secondly, saying some group is "undisputably racist" IS libelous and an incitement to violence and I won't have it. Your agenda to shut the CRs up rather than engage in real debate is clear. It's obvious why you come here for "conversation," as your own message board is dead and overrun with spam postings. Plus, you're jealous of the CR's because they had national attention last year that you could only dream about. Instead of scheming with your "allies" against the CRs, why don't you get off your asses and get your own ideas and promote your own agenda for a change?

And as Ivar Haglund used to say, I'm going to "keep clam" because you won't be making a "foolery of Tom" here.

April and I actually have the guts to attach our names to causes we believe in. As a result, we have been viciously slimed by the local leftist scumbags in the last few days. Excuse me if I seem cranky, but I am in no mood to suffer anonymous little sophomoric fools.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these little trolls throw out the terms "racist" and "racism."

Not that I care to hear from any of them, but maybe for their own education, I'd like to hear which race exactly Muslims are...

Maybe a different (and correct) term is in order?

Or is it that there's nothing else with quite the emotional impact as that particular term, even when used incorrectly?

April E. Coggins said...

It's my understanding that the left-wing security blanket at WSU will be much smaller next semester. Elson Floyd has a different and refreshing message for WSU.

Tom Forbes said...

Paul, as usual, you make an excellent point. The same person who can't spell "conservative" also is apparently too ignorant to know that Islam isn't a "race" or a "culture," but rather a religion. Muslims encompass every race and virtually every culture on every continent.

I don't care if they are Pakistani, Egyptian, Iraqi, Filipino, Indonesian, Bosnian, Chechen, Sudanese, or Saudi. The issue is the Muslim IDEOLOGY, not SKIN COLOR.

Truth said...

Ummm... a few things I suppose, the first of which is that I'm not a member of the WSU YDs any more than I am a member of the WSU CRs (though you are correct about Sutra, as I recall he identified himself in the YD picture). Secondly I post anonomyously because I chose to, as is true of Barenjager, Satanic Mechanic, wsucollegerepublican, and so forth. We all do it because we enjoy debate without worrying about personal attacks later, anonymity is part of the lure of the internet, if it bothers you that much call everybody out on it please.

Finally I have no intention of shutting the CRs up or trying to do so, as I believe that all people and viewpoints should be heard and considered, and numerous times have advocated for a good debate free of personal attacks.

Despite all of that however, if it will really make you feel better about my posts I'll change my username to Chrissy, as I did accidently before. I prefer however, as a general rule, not to post my last name online so that won't be going up. If it really doesnt matter so than I'll keep it as is.

Tom Forbes said...

Okay Chrissy, here's the deal. As I clearly stated, Barenjager, Satanic Mechanic, wsucollegerepublican, et. al. are all known by me personally. I may or may not agree with all they write (and haven't), but because I know who they are, there is accountability. Accordingly, I respect their anonymity.

You, on the other hand, I do not know. The "lure of the internet," as you say, is not to discuss issues intelligently but rather it allows normal people to act like complete jerks and voice their basest thoughts without any consequence. Yes, you have made some good points. But I have also received a half-dozen or so complaints about your comments over the past few months from regular readers whose opinion I value greatly.

Anonymity and pseudonimity are the mortal enemies of civil discourse. True identity, as I well know, does not guarantee civil discourse, but it helps greatly.

Therefore, if you contact me at palousitics@adelphia.net using your WSU e-mail address with your real name, then I will honor my promise. You can debate all you want, so long as it does not cross the lines I have drawn.

I have withdrawn my comment about you being a YD. I wouldn't want to admit to that either.

Tom Forbes said...

As I expected, I received the following from truth:

"Tom, While I respect the offer you have made I do prefer to remain anonymous...I'm not going to send you an e-mail, however if you tell me what complaints were lobbied against me I'll see if I can't address some of them."

Sorry, it doesn't work that way. If you are going to be critical of others on this blog, then you should have the courage to identify yourself.

Sutra said...

You seem to know a lot about me. Let me tell you some more. Yes my name is Geoff Ringwald, By the way you never asked my name and I am a YD and I am proud of that. My Middle name is Roy and, as you noticed I am a horrible speller and I am sorry about wasting your tax money. I am actually have dyslexia. I love Ice cream and brown rice. I have a girlfriend that I love more than anything but she studies abroad and I hardly get to see her.

I am telling you all this because I want you to know that I, like all Muslims, am a person. We, as people, have wants and needs and our perspective has been shaped by our experiences. And for that reason we are all different. And frankly I get upset by contributors to this blog preaching hate against people with different world and religious views. There are small fractions of Muslims that follow a dogmatic sect of Islam that teaches hate and that is because they have only experienced or have been thought that all Americans want to destroy Islam and are evil. It is through education and the correction of this view that we can fight anti-Americanism.

It is my moral believe that returning hate with hate (or a since of superiority) only breeds more hate. I personally don’t think a hate and fear of Islam is going to do anything but create more hate. And put our troops in more danger. What is important is to open dialogues and communicate. I think that Mediation is the only way end violence on both ends.

Whether “justified” or not, negative views against an entire religion is racist. I know that is a politically charged word but if you look at the definition... Just know that we have Muslim people in our community and that they may consider many of the views expressed in the movie offence and hateful. And I agree.

I am not using any rederic. This how I truly feel. This topic really upsets me and I should have explained my comments more in-depth earlier.

If show this movie I guarantee that there will be protests. It should go with out saying. Not because it is a CR event because it is offensive to me and many other people.

PS. I feel that touting your exsposher on Fox News is some what of an empty victory. While the professor had no right to do what he did, you brought is on yourselves. A lot of emotions come out when you talk about something as fundamental at there race or religion. I could get on TV too if I wanted. All I would have to do is piss people of to the point of violence. That is what the CR’s did. (But you had the right to do it) Congrats!! I don’t want that kind of publicity. You can have it.

This will be my last post. I admit I get too upset by some of the views expressed here and I don’t explain myself well when I am upset.

Geoffrey Roy Ringwald

Daniel F Schanze said...

Mr. Ringwald,

Please remove (or edit) your libelous statement, "I think that allies will be easy to come by thanks to the CR's undisputalbe racisim," from your form.

Many of the CR's and I are seniors; we are applying for jobs. As such, I will not have these defamatory statements to be made about our members or our organization as a whole.

For reference on why you should remove or edit your statement, please note: www.medialaw.org.

Please remove or edit your statement Mr. Ringwald.

Tom Forbes said...

There you go, Danny. I just published the above comment from Sutra, aka Geoff Ringwald.

I suggest you and your attorney take whatever action you deem necessary based on the threats and defamation contained therein.

Mr. Ringwald is correct. This is his last post. Calling someone a racist, in addition to being libelous, can be considered an incitement to immediate violence against that person or group. There have already been physical attacks and threats against the CRs. This blog legally cannot be a party to that, whether I know Mr. Ringwald's name or not.

Scotty said...

SUTRA WROTE: "And frankly I get upset by contributors to this blog preaching hate against people with different world and religious views"

"Whether "justified" or not, negative views against an entire religion is racist"

Quotations by the same person. So it is racist to have negative views against a religion? So when my very dear, but very liberal friend strikes out his venom speaking of his hatred toward Christians, I can call him racist?

That is insane. And by your standards of applying new meanings to words, I am going to call you sexist for having a negative view of the college republicans.

By the way, no matter how often we point it out, I find it funny that does to the CR what he preaches against... He says the CRs preach hate and he doesn't like it, yet he calls them hateful terms, like racist?

All I can say is; what a sexist!