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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is Golf on Steroids

I always suspected that golfers were juiced. Now, Gary Player says it's true.

"Whether it's HGH, whether it's Creatine or whether it's steroids, I know for a fact that some golfers are doing it," he said.

Asked how he knew for certain, he said one golfer told him.

"I took an oath prior to him telling me — I won't tell you where — but he told me what he did, and I could see this massive change in him," Player said. "And somebody else told me something, that I also promised I wouldn't tell, that verified others had done it."


Barenjager said...

And all this time I thought it was the "vitamin B"

I'll have to check the roid level in hefeweizen.

Michael said...

I suspected "Vitamin R."