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Thursday, July 26, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Water Conservancy Board approves Hawkins Companies' water-rights transfer requests

From the Moscow-Pullman Daily News website:
Hawkins Companies moved one step closer to beginning work on its proposed 700,000-square-foot retail center just across the state line from Moscow when the Whitman County Water Conservancy Board recommended approval of the company’s water-rights transfer requests Wednesday.

The board unanimously approved four water-rights transfer applications from the Boise-based firm, but the Washington State Department of Ecology must still give final approval on the applications.

Water Conservancy Board Chairman Edward Schultz said the Department of Ecology will have up to 45 days to either accept, reject or ask for clarification on the board’s recommendation. The board’s recommendation becomes a firm decision if Ecology does not take action within the 45-day period.

Hawkins Project Manager Jeffrey DeVoe said the company hopes to begin construction as early as the fall, and all that is holding up the process is approval from Ecology.
This is great news, but look for the shrieking from King Solomon and Queen Nancy to reach high decibels now. And, as we have seen recently, the DOE is not exactly friendly to Whitman County. I expect all sorts of legal wranglings now, paid for by the good taxpayers of Moscow. Stay tuned.

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