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Sunday, February 05, 2006

See What I Mean About "Activists" and Football

From the Palousitics hit counter:

Time of Visit: Feb 5 2006 5:31:45 pm
Last Page View: Feb 5 2006 7:13:59 pm
Visit Length: 1 hour 42 minutes 14 seconds
Page Views: 40

Visit Entry Page: file:///Users/J****_R*****/Documents/PARD Documents/F**king lunatic/Idiot web site/December, 202005/2005_12_01_palousitics_archive.html

Visit Exit Page: file:///Users/J****_R*****/Documents/PARD Documents/F**king lunatic/Idiot web site/Jan-Feb, 2006/Palousitics.html

(Identities and expletives deleted.)

This poor guy missed a really exciting second half of the Super Bowl.


Cheryl Keeton said...

J. R. must be the immature PARD webmaster Jason Rogers. I would have thought he had learned his lesson after publicly calling you a "boob" on the PARD website last year. Guess not!

Tom, it must give you great satisfaction to know that Jason Rogers was spending his Super Bowl Sunday on your "idiot web site" looking at 40 pages of your posts. It is obvious that you really get under his skin! LOL

Joshua Coke said...

Hi Jason! :)

Sterling said...

OK, has it dawned on you that it might be unethical to post the PRIVATE directory information of a visitor to your Website? And removing the names but leaving the initials when the players in the local game are so well known is not the same as "deleting" the name. Obscuring the name, perhaps, but not deleting it; and, as you can see, figuring out who that person is turns out to be just as easy as figuring out what F**king really means.

Also, you realize that you have the power to delete the full-name references in your comments, right? So leaving them there is equivalent to having written them yourself.

As for the file names AND the "boob" reference, neither of these were public. The "Boob" reference was on a BETA site which was unlinked to any other pages. Granted, I'm sure that PARD has since learned how to use the "NO ROBOTS; NO FOLLOW" directives. And the directory structure you so earnestly post here is clearly a personal computer, and any names he choses to use on his own computer are completely his own business. That's part of the whole personal privacy thing we have in this country. You know, one of the freedoms we send soldiers to die for.

April E. Coggins said...

Just as JR had the right to leave a trail of filth on Tom's blog counter, Tom has the right to expose it. It's really a free speech issue. Unless JR wants to contend that Tom broke into his personal computer, there is no issue of privacy here. Anyway, that's how my lower socioeconomic class mind sees it.

Cheryl Keeton said...

Any person viewing Palousitic's site stats can see PUBLIC information about other blog visitors, including their referring links. I guess Jason has never heard of cookies before.

I think it is about time Jason hangs up his webmaster hat and works on that "Wiccans Against Wal-Mart" bumper sticker that Tom mentioned. I know you could help him out with that, sterling.

Sterling said...

Cheryl, that info didn't come from cookies. You, clearly, are not a Web developer yourself. And the fact that a refering URL entry in the server logs turns up a private file directory structure does not make posting that directory structure ethical.

As for your "Wiccans Against Wal-Mart" suggestion, I think that would be lovely, but not so much my place in the world since I'm not a Wiccan. I don't think JR is a Wiccan, either. Pagan and Wiccan are not synonymous, in case you didn't know. It's kind of like the rectangle versus square thing. You might want to go take a course in comparative religions to learn more.

How about a "Wiccans, Druids and Shamans against Wal-Mart and other Big-Box stores that take money out of my rural town and invest it in their fancy offices and mansions in a town far away from here while simultaneously paying low wages to everyone who actually deals with product, whether they be producers, checkers or inventory clerks" bumper sticker? Hmmm... no, I think that would be a bit too long. I'll work on it, though.