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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bad Macumba

A co-worker of mine told me about macumba, or Brazilian voodoo.

I have been convinced all season watching the Seahawks that someone over in Kirkland had slaughtered a goat or two. Here's a team that lost its top two wide receivers (K-Rob was cut, D-Jack was on IR most of the season) and one of their best DBs (Ken Hamlin was almost killed in a barroom brawl) early in the season, and they end up going to the Super Bowl. I won't even talk about the juju that had to be involved in the Cowboys and Giants games.

No one really respected the Hawks going into Super Bowl XL. Then, amazingly, the Hawks came into Detroit tonight and quickly showed they were the better team after all. That's when the Good Macumba turned into Bad Macumba. I can't say I've ever seen such bad calls (the PI on Jackson and the Sean Locklear "hold") in a big game. Calling a low block on a tackle almost makes you believe that the fix was in, especially after the Polamalu interception call in the Indy game a few weeks back. The Hawks only have themselves to blame though. Trash-talkin' tight end Jerramy Stevens did have a TD grab, but missed several other key catches. Holmgren seemed flustered, and the play calling at the end of both halves was spotty.

In sports, it is often better to be lucky than good. I just thought the Hawks would be the ones with the luck tonight. Couldn't Paul Allen have afforded one more goat?


April E. Coggins said...

Paul Allen is now dirt in the Cougar archives.


"Twice he asked WSU alumnus Paul Allen for donations, and twice he was turned down, Sterk said."

Other than Marcus Trufant, I am glad that owner Paul Allen's Seahawks lost. It is not all about Seattle and if Pullman wasn't so choked off, we could be thriving.

Joshua Coke said...

I'm going to have to disagree RE: Paul Allen. I've personally had the pleasure of working on projects that he has funded and have been extremely grateful for his existing generous donations and the way he goes to bat for the students. That being said, I can't blame him for turning down the solicitations for the stadium. As a student myself, I absolutely do not support the proposed stadium renovation. Tuition is up, grants and scholarships are down, and now they want us to fork over more hard-earned dollars for the athletics program. No, thank you. As far as I'm concerned, "responsible development" as it pertains to the university involves not relying on a billionaire former (and very brief) student, or already financially strained students to foot the bill for yet another athletics project. If they want me to chip in to update some of the dated academic resources, well that's another story.

Palouse Patriot said...

Hi all-

Josh... you really have no one to blame but your own red party for the rise in tuition and decrease in funding. After all, they have cut funding to higher educaton from over 65% to under 30...and now Bush is cutting fin aid...Guess you picked the wrong side if you want socailist handouts for your education. Why don't you ask Wal-mart to fund your education...you could be their new corporate billboard.

Besides...football is one of the few major incomes for the university other then the state...so suck it up and cough up the dough so we can make some cash for the COUGS!!!

Joshua Coke said...

You're missing the point of my statements. I'm not calling for anyone to subsidize my education, I'm expressing concern over the shift in educational spending from academics to athletics. My personal priority is to education, not to games.

April E. Coggins said...

Just as we need a downtown to pay for Pullman Schools, we need the tax fan base to subsidize the education system at WSU. One can't survive without the other, unless you happen to be merchant in Pullman. If the season looks to be remotely successful, WSU ships the program to another town with a bigger draw. Meanwhile, why do we have such a pathetic restaurant and hotel choice? It's a cat chaising it's own tail.