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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Capitalism at Work - It's All Good

More on the SEL expansion from KLEW TV:
"The City of Pullman has recently received documentation from the State of Washington that our per capita on all forms of taxation is well below the state-wide average," [City Supervisor John] Sherman added. "We are so happy to see capitalism at work in the form of this significant private sector expansion. As was noted in the 1982 City of Pullman Comprehensive Plan, our efforts should be directed at expanding the tax base rather than increasing tax rates. SEL's private investment expands the tax base and increases tax revenues without increasing taxes."
And from the Daily Evergreen:
The expansion will also boost commercial growth and demand for businesses such as restaurants, City Supervisor John Sherman said. A swell in population and economy will broaden the region’s tax base, resulting in greater tax revenue and diminishing the need for tax increases, he said.

There isn’t a downside to it,” Sherman said. “It’s all good.”
It's all good, of course, except to Pullman's neo-urbanist intellectual elites, who will inevitably scream "Urban Sprawl!!!!!!"

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