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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Quote of the Day #3

“I understand the council’s concern about big-box stores, but Moscow doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Pullman is welcoming big-box business and that’s a bigger threat to Moscow.”
- Gerard Connelly, owner of Tri State in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News,in a surprising volte-face for the long-time Wal-Mart critic.

This is so richly hypocritical, it deserves a few more quotes.
"Gerard Connelly also modestly failed to disclose that he is the owner of Tri-State in Moscow. He claims to be "pro-economic development for Pullman/Moscow" but it would appear he is also "anti-competition". It's understandable, I suppose, that a Moscow business owner would be opposed to Pullman shoppers keeping their retail dollars in Pullman. Therefore, Mr. Connelly's omissions of fact and criticisms of Wal-Mart must be taken with a very large grain of salt."
- My letter to the editor of the Daily News, November 2005, in response to Gerard Connelly's earlier letter blasting Wal-Mart for its wages, benefits, and employment practices.
"Forbes also attacked Connelly’s motives, suggesting that this merchant who has donated so much time and money to local community projects, was speaking solely out of economic self-interest. I believe he was speaking out of community interest."
- TV Rerun's response to my letter

Yes, imagine me attacking "Connelly the Noble Humanitarian's" motives, especially in light of today's statement. You must feel pretty stupid now, huh Rerun? I also believe Connelly was speaking out of community interest; the community of Moscow.

The nest of vipers and traitors called PARD will ally themselves with anyone, even those opposed to Pullman growth, to "send their message" to Wal-Mart. Is it all becoming clear to everyone now?

Meanwhile, Connelly, who recently signed a petition urging the Latah Economic Development Council to oppose a Moscow Supercenter, had better start stocking some of those fishing caps with two bills.

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1 comment:

April E. Coggins said...

The Moscow anti-Pullman crowd has been lurking around our efforts for awhile. Dennis Deccio's public SEPA comments should insult all Pullman residents. His radio station wouldn't retract the statement, even when given the chance.
Moscow laughs at Pullman. Pullman will continue to be laughed at unless we reverse this non-growth reputation. It doesn't help when we have a Moscow based media.