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Friday, February 24, 2006

Boy, the Media is Botching The Approval Story

The S-R: "Conditions laid down include making road improvements, adding traffic lights and creating a buffer between the store and an adjacent cemetery." Uhhh, no. Those conditions were already there before.

KLEW: "...completion of new traffic signals at the intersection of Bishop Boulevard and Fairmount Drive before the building can be occupied" Wrong. The traffic signals were always in the plan, it's just who pays what percentage for the one light.

KREM: "Wal-Mart must participate in improving streets in the area." Sigh. See above.

If this is the kind of face saving coverage PARD needs to declare victory and quit, then fine. Any way you look at it though, this is an utter, complete and devastating defeat for them.

I think the Church Lady is feeling a Superiority Dance coming on!

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