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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pullman City Council Votes to Restrict Parking on Larry Street

Of all my political experiences, this one was probably the most rewarding, since it involved my own neighborhood. 73 people signed the online petition. 12 residents showed up at the council meeting. 3 of us addressed the council. It was grassroots activism at its purest and finest. It's not that "you can't fight city hall." You don't have to fight city hall when you can work together with them.

Pullman is no Vienna, or even Obersnobeurosocialistburg. But for my money, we have the best mayor, best city supervisor, and best city council around.

From today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
In other business, the council passed a motion to restrict parking on Larry Street's south side and possibly allow parking on a restricted basis, under police direction. A handful of Military Hill residents gathered at the Tuesday meeting to present the council with nearly 80 signatures from an online petition stating their concerns about traffic in the area.

Public works employees recently restriped the street, allowing for wider parking spaces on either side, but neighbors didn't feel the restriping adequately solved the safety problem.

Pullman High School sporting events, such as baseball games, lead to dense traffic and parking issues, which neighbors and police say may lead to serious accidents. The Pullman School District soon will begin constructing a path from the underutilized high school parking lot to the baseball field, allowing for safety and convenience.

Public works Director Mark Workman said the south side of Larry Street could be posted as "no parking" as early as next week.


Satanic Mechanic said...

Good for you Tom. You did not have to sink as low as PARD to get the paint on the street.

Tom Forbes said...

Yes, a friend of mine joked that I should have claimed that the ballgames led to "an intrusion of undesirable social classes," that the lights from the ballfields were causing all the neighborhood deer to require Cialis, and that possibly the south side of the street was once a burial ground for non-Euro-Americans.

When the facts are on your side, there's usually not a problem getting something accomplished.

Someone else told me that now I need to get us our Wal-Mart.

All in due time.....