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Friday, May 11, 2007

"Is Moscow a private fiefdom?"

This letter from today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News on life in Queen Nancy's fiefdom was too good not to post:
When Mayor Nancy Chaney gaveled my remarks on Monday night she exposed her extremely biased anti-business position better than anything that I could have said. She didn't gavel remarks about biking around town, walking instead of driving or other subjects barely relating to the large retail ordinance. She failed to restore order and correct individuals who rudely interrupted Rick Sirk, Moscow's Wal-Mart manager, while he gave public testimony. I pointed out wasted time, unneeded ordinance, a lack of money to pay for infrastructure and she put the gavel down. Thank you for underscoring my point.

Rather than bringing consensus to Moscow, she polarizes Moscow over issues that are sideline issues, not core issues. Instead of concentrating on core infrastructure issues that will really help Moscow residents, she beat the drum for politically popular hot-button issues. She gives us lawsuits, fines, crumbling curbs and sinking city sidewalks. She fiddles to stop Wal-Mart expansion yet fails to vitalize Moscow's business environment. She wants new ball fields, a renovated 1912 Center, a swimming pool and other fun things, yet she is unwilling to let businesses help. Which of her fun projects is operating in the black? How high will she raise our taxes to satisfy her selfish desires?

For a year she and her council made decisions with obvious bias toward those who share her narrow viewpoint. The city attorney must intervene frequently to prevent her and her council from violating the law. After tabling the large retail ordinance on Monday, she and the council continued to discuss it. Can she do that? Yes. Is she supposed to? No.

Mayor Chaney, you are making Moscow like The Beach - run-down, ugly, and worthless to families.

Dave Glasebrook, Moscow


April E. Coggins said...

Something is afoot in Moscow. The natives are restless.

Adam J. Niehenke said...

I know how baised the council can be, I had their henchman Linda Pall as a teacher. Wow, oh wow, tried to teach us that restricting growth and over ubundance of ordinances was something to marvel over and was the best way of doing things.

Tom Forbes said...

Given the nature of the letters to the editor, I would guess a lynching Of Dr. Weitz is afoot.

I have the pleasure of knowing Jerry personally, and he is a fine,principled, and intelligent man. I don't have a dog in the MSD fight and don't know all the issues, but he has my fullest support.

April E. Coggins said...

I was actually thinking that the Weitz lawsuit might be last straw. There seems to be more letters in the newspaper that indicate the regular population of Moscow is finally fed up with the liberal agenda. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.