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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We Can Find a Better Neighbor Revisited

PARD was selling bumper stickers at last year's Lentil Festival ( I can't wait to see their booth this year) that read "We Can Find a Better Neighbor". Bad timing for PARD, as usual, because just a week or so later Wal-Mart was widely praised for its response to Hurricane Katrina.

Now comes news that the Wal-Mart has been named by Forbes magazine as the #1 most generous corporation in America.

In 2005, Wal-Mart donated $245 million to charities and organizations, most at the local level.

In this area alone, Wal-Mart has donated $1000 to the Moscow School District and $500,000 to protect 28,000 acres of forest near St. Maries.

As part of Supercenter grand openings, Wal-Mart also tends to throw large amounts of cash at local organizations, such as what happened in College Place last year.

So, the bottom line is that we couldn't possibly hope to find a better neighbor than Wal-Mart

Maybe that bumper sticker should read "We Can Find a Better Catch Phrase"

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Scotty said...

Bumper Sticker:

People Against Retail Development

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

I still like mine:

Privileged Aristocracy for Ruin and Destruction.

Maybe we should use both - let the buyer choose.