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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Phil Anderson Day!


Whereas, the dawn of the Phil Anderson epoch is noted in Tacoma records as May 6, 1947; and,

Whereas, from an early age, Phil’s blood was stirred by the sound of alarms and sirens from the firehouse ½ block from his home; and,

Whereas, the broader world called him to WSU where he majored in PE and minored in music; and,

Whereas, Phil discovered his better half while blowing his own horn (in a band, that is) and married Debbie in August 1970; and,

Whereas, not one to let grass grow under his feet, Phil became, in 1970, a 6th grade teacher and a Pullman Fire volunteer firefighter, then later a middle school teacher, and a coach and athletic trainer for Pullman School District. And if the harrowing experience of charging into burning buildings wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, Phil decided to put his life in the hands of teenagers as a drivers’ education instructor for Pullman and Colton School Districts; and,

Whereas, his years passed with the fullness of teaching, coaching, raising a family of four children, and enjoying the blessings of six grandchildren while providing 35 years of volunteer firefighting to the community.

Now, therefore, I, Glenn A. Johnson, Mayor of the City of Pullman, do hereby proclaim July 15, 2006, as

Phil Anderson Day

in the City of Pullman, and encourage its residents to wish him well as he moves to the Kelso/Longview area for his second career as an athletic trainer in Chehalis.


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