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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fireworks revisited

Well Thanks Tom for the plug a few days back. I did see and up tick (HAHAAH) in number of visits to our tent in the middle of that Dissmores parking lot, I should add "HOT Steamy" Parking Lot. That was just some fluke I'm sure, although I hope not.

The one thing that makes me very excited about working a fireworks stand/tent is that I am able to see the dads that have the chance to spend some quality time not just quantity time as the leftist would have us to think is so important. Like their "meaningful chat" for five minutes with there child as they drop/pick them off at school. These dads get to help their children start to understand money and what is a good value. What they as a family can afford to spend and they can show how to exercise self control (not spending more then they should). Our stand helped to some degree in that we did not except credit cards this years as we did last. Now please don't get me wrong I did see a few moms come in to help pick out some fireworks for her family. Maybe they had a father away from home for some reason or maybe even a single mom. My point is we so desperately need more input from fathers into children's lives these days.

That brings me to the point that I am very sorry to see the city working against the private sales of fireworks. They in doing so are working in a way against fathers and strong families. The times that they do these things together now when their children are small are things they will get to talk over at family get together's when they grow up. "Do you remember when......." type conversations after a thanksgiving dinner or at some other family function. Do you as readers of this remember into your family past and have fond memories of things you did together as families or places you went? The city by passing these laws that close and dampen this type of activity, they 'steal' families of these memories.

During the time of working the stand I would like to THANK from the bottom of my heart all of those that did stop by and buy a few things for there families. I think of the one set of Grand parents that stopped by with the grand children and worked at buying the things they did. The looks and questions the children gave to the Grandma & Grandpa was something to behold. The one in this case owns a restaurant near campus and she is so sweet and dear with making sure her grandchildren have a good time, and remembering that we are celebrating that we live in a free country. Yes there are a lot of people that stopped by THANKS Tom for being one of them. They all had the right idea let’s have "FUN" and celebrate our freedom.

Now if the city is so hell bent on taking away our freedom to do and have fireworks, I wish I could understand why. I will list a few at the end of this, can you readers please help fill in the list. I would like to reopen this issue with the city council and see if we can vote on some more "FREEDOM" for us here in Pullman. If we can do fireworks on ANY day then why can't I do it on other days?? If I can sell fireworks on only 4 days, why not a week maybe 2 weeks??

Just so you know last year we could sell fireworks almost a week, this year it was cut to 4 days. The city in ALL of there wisdom cost themselves some money in doing so. Last year I paid out almost $2000.00 in taxes to the city/state. This year that was cut to just over half of that.

I wish the city would put their heads together and come up with a way to make people more personally responsibility. If someone starts a fire they need to make restitution to the offended party (maybe a neighbor, maybe the city) if you start the fire you pay for its cost to be put out and repair of the buildings damaged. When one person screws up you don't punish the whole of society for there mistake.
So for reasons they may want to shut down the celebrating of our freedom.

  1. They have to pay Firemen for calls.

  2. Noisy - animal's don't like the load sounds.

  3. We have a mess to clean up, that people don't clean up.

  4. Some don't like us to remember our FREEDOM.

  5. Some don't like them so ALL should not have them.

  6. Children will /do get hurt.

  7. Causes smoke in the air. ( I know this is a very lame one, sorry)

  8. Costs a lot to repair damaged buildings.

I know some of these are a stretch so please for give me. I would love to hear from you on this one with ideas on how we can get back our FREEDOM and times together as families.

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Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

My dad was a fireman for 20+ years in Alexandria, Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C. We always had fireworks. My dad says in all the time he was a fireman (and he worked almost every 4th) he could recall only one call in which there was a injury due to fireworks.
Either people were way smarter back then or if a kid got burned by the fireworks they learned a quick lesson - if your parents stay away then they mean STAY AWAY.
My take is that for whatever reason City Hall has decided to protect me from me. That is not the intent of government - at least not according to Alexander Hamilton or John Adams or Thomas Jefferson. There is some heavy hitters for ya, huh?!