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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Leak Gets Bigger and Bigger

As PARD searches for a place in the UFCW/Crazy Al Norman Wal-Mart Haters Hall of Fame and Moscow plays around with big box, living wage and other business-unfriendly ordinances while threatening to let shopping centers in Whitman County burn down, the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley retail economy continues to grow and develop. Hot on the heels of the grand openings of Ross Dress for Less, Famous Footwear and Pier One Imports and plans for an Eddie Bauer at the Nez Perce Plaza in Lewiston comes word from KLEW TV of another retail store, Liquidation World, opening in Clarkston:
A new store at the Clarkston Center was the place to be Thursday.

Shoppers filled the store, and cars flooded the parking lot as Liquidation World opened its doors to the public. The new store replaces the Lewiston Orchards location, with four times the space and the largest clothing section of all 110 stores.

With items flying off the shelves and into carts, one loyal customer stopped to say why she thinks the move was a good choice.

"We used to shop when they were located in Lewiston all the time and really enjoyed shopping there," said Lori Allison. "But, it was getting too small for them. And, so, this facility looks like it's a lot bigger and they'll be able to handle and carry more merchandise, so it will make it more fun to shop. So, I think this is an ideal location for them."

Store Manager Loretta Meisner said she is excited about the new location.

"We've been up in Lewiston for 11 years now," said Meisner. "We kind of grew out of that place, so we're opening up a whole new big store. It's four times bigger than the store we had up there. It looks like a brand new retail store. We have 3,500 square feet of clothing coming in. We have a huge furniture department now. We get our stuff from insurance claims, hurricanes, closeouts. We have an insurance claim from a big pharmacy."

And what does Meisner say the best part of the store is?

"The bargains," she said. "All my shoppers in town are really excited about coming to our new location. We've got a lot of good deals you could never find anywhere else."
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