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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rassmussen Now Rates Washington Senate Race as a Toss-Up

Rasmussen Reports has moved Washington into its "Toss-Up" column. When one considers the enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans, it's starting to look like quite a few Democrats had better start preparing their resumes for jobs on K Street.

New polling in Washington has moved that state's U.S. Senate race from Leans Democrat to Toss-Up.

Other changes this week came from polling in Alaska, Ohio and West Virginia.

Current projections suggest that the Democrats would hold 48 seats after Election Day while the Republicans would hold 45. Seven states are in the Toss-Up category (California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin and Washington) Six of the seven Toss-Ups are seats currently held by Democrats. Ohio is the only exception.

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