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Monday, September 06, 2010

Is This Billboard Racist?

Text of Billboard: "Come November Let's Kick Barack Obama's Ass!"

This sign is on South First Street in Sunnyside, Washington. It depicts an elephant kicking the rear end of a donkey which a caricature of Barack Obama is riding. It is a sign that shows a lack of tact, and is sure to offend the sensibilities of a large number of people, but is it racist?

I was talking to some folks in town about this sign recently, and got a number of reactions. One person said that the only thing the billboard is showing is that the property owner is an ass! (A few years ago, he put up some controversial signs and the city demanded he take them down. He sued the city for violating his free speech rights, and eventually won a settlement.)

Another person exclaimed: "Have you seen that offensive billboard? It is obviously racist!"

What do you think about this sign?



kingstonJW said...

Since President Obama famously threatened to do some ass kicking of BP, the turnabout can't possibly be racist. No, it is not racist and I don't think it is any more offensive than many of the editorial cartoons in many newspapers....

Jason R. Raines said...

Thanks for the comment. While I agree with you that this does not qualify as racism, I do not believe this is appropriate for display on a busy city street where young children will inevitably see it.

Good point about Obama's public statements regarding BP! I had forgotten about that.

Tom Paul said...

President Obama gave me the idea for the billboard. He tells the nation he wants to kick someone's (BP's) ass.
Some people say my billboard is clearly based in hatred and racism. If, so that would have to be Obama's hatred and racism.
My billboard is about kicking the democatic ass Obama is riding come this November!