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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama Throws God Under The Bus

Obama edits the Declaration of Independence to his liking. No reason to suffer through another banal Obama speech. Just jump ahead to 22:30.

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Erin in Renton said...

Well, this is no surprise really, since Obama is a Secular Humanist Socialist who believes in "group rights", rather than individual rights and he would not want to displease the secular/athiest Socialist base if he mentioned God in his speech. When he does speak of salvation, it is "group salvation" instead of individual salvation that is taught in the Bible. He uses Liberation Theology to his advantage with every interest group he might be speaking to at a particular event. I think he is a secularist agnostic and doesn't really even believe in that theology but wants to use it to keep the groups happy that espouse these beliefs in group rights and group salvation.