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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The case for unity.

I voted for Clint Didier. He was a breath of fresh air. Someone with strong principals and an unyielding commitment to voicing them whenever anyone would listen. I like that, I respect that, and I also realized that you can’t win a statewide election in this state, at least not this year, by doing that.

Still, he got every vote in our household (including the pets, after all this is King County) because I want more people like him running, gaining name recognition, and positioning themselves for future campaigns. We knew that he had no chance to beat the "Mom in Worn Out Tennis Shoes" but this was the time to cast our "protest vote".

Now every hand (and paw) in our home is poised to vote for Dino Rossi this November. It has been a decade since a conservative in this state has had a very real chance to win a Senate race and we are not going to look back on this election with regret because we were not smart enough to do the right thing.

By nature conservatives put logic ahead of emotion. They do what needs to be done even if their heart wishes that they didn’t have to. This is called leadership. It is like the Sci-Fi movie where someone has to stuff the glove to their space suit into the hole in order to save the space ship. They know they are giving up their life but they are saving many more. As Spock put it, “The needs of the many, outweigh, the needs of the few, or the one”.

Right now our country desperately needs to reverse course. We have to shove Patty into the hole in the space ship so it can survive to win the battle with the evil alien dictator in 2012. That means we have to be smart. No matter what we are better off sending someone to D.C. that may not be what we emotionally want, but we logically need.

According to last month’s PPP poll 91% of Democrats in this state are going to vote for Patty Murray. Does that mean that 91% of Democrats like her? Of course not.
The latest Rasmussen poll shows:

  • Only 12% of the people in this state are not angry with the current policies in of the Federal Government.
  • Just 28% think our representatives in Congress are the best person for the job.
  • Only 40% feel that their local representatives in Congress deserve to be re-elected.
So clearly most Democrats can’t stand Murray either but are voting for her because she is the only option they have.

In this state about 30% of the voters are “independent” and Rossi has a solid lead in that area. So what is going to make the difference in this election? Republicans. That same PPP poll shows that only 88% of the Republicans were committed to voting for Rossi. So while most of the polls show this as a dead heat it is a race that is in our hands, under our control, and we can win it and win it decisively not by convincing Democrats to jump ship, or away Independents into voting for Dino, but by simply understanding the simple logic that if you are a Republican you need to step up and do the right thing and leave your emotions at home.

Your “protest vote” was cast in the primary, but come General election anything but a Rossi vote is a vote for Murray, and to continue the course of the Obama agenda.
So for the first time in 10 years the race will be won or lost by how intelligent Republicans are. Some call Dino a RINO, but I contend the real RINO’s are anyone that isn’t smart enough to realize that a vote that isn’t for Rossi is a vote for Murray. Don’t look back on this opportunity with regret. In 2 years Clint Didier can run against Cantwell, or someone else may step up to replace her, but that election will be easier to win if we fire Patty in November.

So join me now in voting for Dino Rossi. He may not be the first choice, but he is the ONLY choice.


Adam J. Niehenke said...

While I think you wrote a very logical article I think your focus should not be on the sheep but the hearder of the sheep. That is Didier. This guy is a politician through and through and its why he won't endorse Rossi. If he runs in 2012, it could be murray on the republican ticket and i'll vote for her over Didier.

Anonymous said...

Didier has absolutely no chance in 2012. I would guess he will still run. So will Akers. And we might even see Rossi pal Chris Widener back in the game. Susan Hutchison is likely to be courted by the as well. No matter what, beating Cantwell will be easier if Rossi wins.