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Monday, September 13, 2010

50 Days and Counting....

I was sitting at work today browsing Facebook (hey, they let me!) and one of my friends' stsaus updates caught my eye. It read: COUNTDOWN: 50 Days Until Election Day! Some friends indicated their positive thouhgts by 'liking' it. One of the comments said, "dude you're not allowed to like your own stuff!" But I have to wonder, with only 50 days left, how can we afford to NOT like our own stuff? If we don't show our enthusiasm, and spirit, how can we expect to let the fever catch, to bring people out who crave change and get them VOTING? I realize I am taking this a bit out of the context it was meant, but it started this thought process.
50 days is not very much time- but it IS enough. You can register to vote, you can register others, you can work a booth at a fair, you can reset fallen yard signs. Call your local party or the state party and find out how to help!

So what are you going to do to 'like' your own stuff? Can you give an hour to phone bank? Can you donate the change in your couch to a worthy candidate? The smallest gifts add into the greatest one- worthy candidates to represent your needs!

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