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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Susan Sarandon Threatens To Leave US If Obama Loses

Another good reason to support John McCain. Will she be taking her husband, excuse me, partner with her?

Two for the price of one? That'd be great. But we've endured such broken promises before.


Satanic Mechanic said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. I do remember Streisand, Spiccoli..err..Penn, Depp and other Hollyweird Pinkos made the same promise at the last two elections. I wish they would leave permanently.
Who cares if Sarandon wants to leave... the last picture I can remember her in was the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". She is a washed-up actor who is looking for press.

This brings up an interesting question: Can we revoke citizenship to a natural born citizen? Deport Sarandon to Hugo Chavez.

B-Rad said...

She "threatens" to leave? As opposed to what? For all I care, she can... errr, *should* leave the U.S. regardless of who wins the Presidency... along with all those other morons of past years who "claimed" they'd leave the country if Bush were re-elected (surprise, surprise!... they didn't leave!).

Susan Sarandon has the same freedom of opinions as the rest of us Americans, but she really needs to just keep them to herself. She's done nothing for the country as a whole... she hasn't helped lower oil prices... hasn't helped improve the economy... hasn't tamed volatile foreign relations abroad... hasn't improved the health care system.... hasn't heightened any education programs... and the list goes on and on of things she HASN'T done for the benefit of America as a country.

Hell, I'll buy her a plane ticket to wherever she wants to go.