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Saturday, May 31, 2008

ABC News is Encouraging Children to Die in Order to Save the Planet

I am so aghast at this ABC network site, that I can hardly think what to say. I played their manipulative little game, which is clearly aimed at children. According to their site, I have been ruining the world for approximately 45 years too long, so I should do the right thing for the planet and commit suicide immediately. The childrens interactive game is here. We are clearly dealing with evil people who intend harm on the human race.


Barenjager said...

What a fun lesson for kids. Be normal and die soon or live in a mud hut and eat dirt to lead a miserable existence until you die after many years of suffering.

Michael said...

At least it's the Australian version of ABC.

April E. Coggins said...

Michael: LOL! Arrogant American that I am, I assumed that all acronyms that begin with A are American, as in American Broadcast Corporation. In this case, the A stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, with no affiliation to the American based ABC.

I still can't quite believe that any network would be pushing this stuff on kids. Be sure not to miss the Adventures of Greena, complete with Che Guevara art work. It's so outrageous that it seems to be a caricature of the communist Green movement. Except that it's not.