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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sign of the Apocalypse?

What is this? Has Wal-Mart begun "raping a hillside"? Are they paving over a wheatfield and destroying sensitive wetlands?

Not exactly. Construction has begun on Schweitzer Engineering Lab's new five-story corporate headquarters and conference center off NE Terre View Drive in Pullman.


Ray Lindquist said...

YES See pullman GROW no thanks to PARD.

Tom Forbes said...

Ah, but Ray, PARD already is taking credit. In Tuesday's Daily News, Chris Lupke stated that PARD is "advancing its constructive agenda by supporting businesses that generate sustainable employment such as Schweitzer Engineering."

What a joke! Their "constructive agenda" is someone else's money, sweat, and talent!

Ray Lindquist said...

Tom - So oh so true, the only sweat they come up with is when they sweat when they wait to see if one of there lies are excepted as "true".

Scotty said...

So will that be your new home, Tom?

Tom Forbes said...

I wish! It's going to be an awesome couple of buildings! But, alas, I will remain where I am .