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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Can that really be discrimination?

I was floored this morning when I read an article in the Seattle Times about the federal government threatening to sue Southern Illinois University for discrimination against, get this, white males. I cannot say this is the first of its kind, but wow. It was a shock to see. I just love the last two sentences of the articles' excerpt.

From The Seattle Times

CHICAGO — The U.S. Justice Department has threatened to sue Southern Illinois University next week unless the college opens up three paid fellowship programs once reserved for minority and female students.

The government says it will file the lawsuit because the fellowships discriminate against "whites, nonpreferred minorities and males," according to a letter dated Nov. 4.

Federal officials say the graduate programs, which include stipends, violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which bars employment discrimination.

In its reply, the university has asked for more time to "consider appropriate modifications" and to provide the Justice Department with information about the programs, a spokeswoman for the university in Carbondale said.
How about a modification such as DROPPING RACE AND SEX as a factor?

"We have no reason to believe that these programs are discriminatory," said spokeswoman Sue Davis.
Silly federal government... it is not discrimination when you do it against a white male.

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Tom Forbes said...

"Silly federal government... it is not discrimination when you do it against a white male."

Or if the WSU College of Education does it against a conservative Christian.