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Friday, November 18, 2005

Personal Attack on a Good Man

I was looking at the online edition of the Daily Evergreen and I found this letter to the editor:

If (Ed Swan) considers himself "a basic conservative," then
perhaps he should reevaluate how his philosophy might influence his choice of

It seems to me that he has no compunction for using his community to
further his goals and that perhaps in Othello he feels superior where in a
larger, even more diverse community he might not be able to cope.

Carole Reid

The name Carole Reid seems to ring a bell, but I don't know why. Anyway, I don't know why she felt compelled to write such a mean-spirited letter about Swan. Liberals always charge that conservatives are mean-spirited, but it seems to me as we have seen time and time again, the liberals strike with pure venom.

Does Carole even understand the situation? A man who is from Othello, who drives to Pullman to get a degree to become a teacher, who has bi-racial children has been treated poorly by his professors. He has been called a whitsupremacistst. Hessentiallyly was told implicitly that he hates his own children.

What horrible crimes has he committed in the College of Education? He believes in God. He believes in right and wrong. He is conservative.

This is an interview I had with Mr. Swan last month on The PES. http://radio.thepes.com/show/audio/101005/PES%20101005%20(40kbs).mp3


April E. Coggins said...

Here is a little info on Carole Reid.


Dale Courtney said...

April, as always, is on top of things!

Concerning the venom of the liberals -- you only have to attend a few Moscow P&Z meetings or City Council meetings to see where the hate and spite is coming from.

Even the Daily News commented in the paper about how uncivil the leftists are at those meetings (booing, jeering, being told to be quite and extend some courtesy, etc).

You don't have to sit in on many of those to see where the real hate lies.


Uncle Bubba said...

Scotty :
Good interview .I encourage all to download {it takes a while] and listen.

Scotty said...

Thank you Uncle Bubba. It was a fun interview and he was a very nice guy.