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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Colton Teachers May Decertify from WEA

From today's Seattle Times:
...other small Washington districts also were considering decertification, and pointed to the Colton School District.

...Tim Sperber, who teaches English and social studies and is the athletic administrator at Colton High School, is spearheading the effort. Sperber said, however, that the possibility of decertification is way off on the horizon.

He quit paying dues to the statewide union last year and joined Northwest Professional Educators, to save money and because he feels a lot of union money goes into the Democratic Party and he is a Republican.

"We've just started looking at options," Sperber said. Of the 16 teachers in the district, five or six have joined the non-union organization.
I wish the Colton teachers the best of luck in getting out from under the corrupt left-wing union rackets just as the Sprague-Lamont teachers and WSU skilled workers have managed to do recently.


Dale Courtney said...

Looks like we both hit that article within 15 minutes of each other! :)



Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

That is really something. These unions need to start taking a look at what they are doing.

Ray Lindquist said...

I would not be surprised that if they get the "pro" Union folk in Goverment to make it a requiremnet to be a union member to be able to teach in the state. Although this is VERY refreshing news. It will be good to see if this happens in Colton and when it may start to happen in other cities and towns.

Tom Forbes said...

Great minds think alike Dale!