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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

You may recall that, a week-and-a-half ago, I blogged about what Citizen Hosick stated in a letter to the Whitman County commission concerning the new SEL corporate headquarters building:
"I think their newest huge building is an absolutely awful example of hilltop development, and a prime example of what any city/county development code in this area ought to prohibit."
From the May 18 edition of the Whitman County Gazette:

"Ugly" SEL Project: Hosick requests May 1 letter to be withdrawn

Pullman resident Cynthia Hosick, who called Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' newest building construction "an absolutely awful example of ugly hilltop development" in a recent letter to the county commission, revised her letter after an apology to SEL.

Hosick described herself as a member of the League of Women Voters and Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development, but wrote as an individual. In a letter to the county commission, read at Monday's commission meeting, Hosick wrote, she "overspoke" in her previous letter and requested its withdrawal.

Hosick's first letter was read into the minutes of the commission's May 1 meeting.

Her revised letter spells out support for the proposed changes to the rural residential ordinance, including hilltop development in the agricultural zone, but excludes the original comments on SEL's new development at the Pullman Industrial Park.

"We can't unring the bell," Commmissioner Jerry Finch said.

Hosick also wrote she apologized to Ed Schweitzer of SEL, that he accepted her apology, but stated a withdrawal of her comments ot the county commission was unnecessary.
I'm not sure how you "overspeak" in a letter that theoretically you take time to proofread before you mail it in, but whatever. It's out there. No apology or withdrawal will hide Hosick and PARD's left-wing, no-growth agenda.

Who Hosick and her PARDners really owe an apology to are the citizens of Pullman for costing us nearly half-a-million dollars and wasting nearly two years of the city government's time. Give up your union-funded appeal now!!!

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April E. Coggins said...

Hmmmmm. I see a pattern here. Citizen Hosick first misrepresents a petion to Pullman merchants and when confronted, she sends a left handed apology to the letters section of the Daily News. Now she insults Ed Schweitzer and his positive efforts in Pullman, and when challenged sends a half hearted apology to the Whitman county commissioners.

How about it Cynthia, do you fling any crazy crap that enters your mind and then wait to see what sticks? And which one is it? Is Schweitzer okay on a hill top? Who else is okay on a hill top? Is my house okay? I am sure yours is okay. How about the new Schweitzer employees who want to buy a house in Pullman next year? Do they get a pass or will they be too new to be able to build? Do they need to play work up and wait in Farmington until one of your approved houses becomes available? I'm sure it is news to developers that not only do they need a permit from the city of Pullman but they must also obtain a permit from Cynthia Hosick.

Ray Lindquist said...

April, you are ruthless. THANKS for saying it. The No-Growth's just have some VERY lame logic to try to explain themselves.

Ray Lindquist said...

When we consider changes to the rural residential ordinance. The one word that has to be repeated and repeated is PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, PRIVATE Property, and so on and on. In light 'Citizen' Hosick’s letters, some how she has no concept of what these words mean.