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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Future is BRIGHT

Lets look at two examples of Wal-Mart how they have helped a community, but before we do that it is PARD’s major concern that with a Wal-Mart Super Center here in Pullman. That we will some how get to have a lot of “Blight” what ever that is maybe it means run down. Well the two examples I want to bring to your attention are both in Spokane. Lets talk about the one on the north side first.

I don’t have the year but before Wal-Mart came to locate at 2301 W Wellesley Ave in Shadle Center had all but closed up and blown away. One of the last things that made an attempt of making a go in the center was Chucky-Cheese, but alas they had to close their doors and went elsewhere in the city. Well the news has just come out that “ALL” of it has filled back up since Wal-Mart has come in now.

The other example I would like to remind us all about is the valley Super Center at 15727 E Broadway Ave. It was remodeled to be a Super Center a few years back and even before that the number of stores and choices that have build up around that location are too many to name them all.
When we think of the future here in Pullman is so bright. I would like to say “THANKS” to all the city staff that has had anything to do with this change for the better. We as a town/city are now embracing growth so we won’t do the “Blight” thing that PARD so desperately wants for our town/city/county. THANKS to ALL city Staff.

PARD please drop your appeals, these appeals have cost us a lot money, all VERY needlessly. PLEASE drop them.

When you add to this that the city of Moscow and it’s socialist city council it seems that they are for some time will be in the way Pullman was a few decades back when they had the “No-Growth-at-Any-cost” which will be all to our gain. Thank You Moscow City Council, that was not very nice but I could not resist.

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