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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If Moscow has a say...

If Moscow has a say in what happens in Whitman County, then, we Pullmanites should have a say in what happens in Moscow.

They are having a meeting to discuss a possible Dark Store provision and size cap. I think we should all speak up on this. We should all let them know that those of us from Pullman like Moscow just the way it is. They should make a size cap of 20,000 sqft and a Dark Store provision that says even if the store goes bankrupt it must remain open anyway and employ all their employees at a fair wage, not minimum wage, plus full benefits.

That would be a win-win-win. Moscow would win by becoming anti-growth and they would be happy with a zero growth rate. Pullman would win with all the new businesses. PARD/No Super WalMart would "win" because they would have defeated the *evil* WalMart in Moscow.

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April E. Coggins said...

I don't think Moscow needs any help, they are doing fine on their own. Mark Solomon is helping craft retail development standards for Moscow. What else could we hope to add?