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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Smart Thinking

Teachers in the Sprague-Lamont School District have voted to decertify and break away from the Washington "Education" Association. They will now form their own organization and save themselves $700 a year in the process.

Good move. It's impossible to tell the Washington "Education" Association apart from the Socialist Workers Party. And they are hypocrites to boot.

230 skilled trade workers and 10 supervisory staff at WSU are voting by mail now whether to decertify from the Washington Federation of State Employees. "Governor pro tem" Gregoire recently implemented a policy of "pay-your-WFSE-dues-or-get-fired." Votes are due back by Nov. 1 and will be counted Nov. 2.

Is it any wonder the union movement is dying in America when they still run it like Jimmy Hoffa ran the Teamsters?

Hat Tip: Right Mind

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Ray Lindquist said...

This is some kind of GOOD NEWS when will more cities/towns do the same. Maybe with one doing it more will see that it is very possilbe. I can't recommand this book enough it is a must read The Harsh Truth About PUBLIC SCHOOLS by: Bruce N. Shortt. It deals with what worldview will your childern have if you send then into the temples of learning (read brain washing).