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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Phantom Menace

In Friday's Daily Evergreen, PARD Petition Coordinator Janet Damm said the following in a letter to the editor:
Pullman has another choice for more responsible development in Pullman. Gary Johnson is running in Ward 1 as a write-in candidate. I have heard him speak on his most passionate issue: his belief in more citizen involvment through our elected city council members. He also believes that a fiscal review would be beneficial. Because of Pullman's "dire" financial situation that I recently read about in the Daily News, I belive we are in need of of an extensive professional fiscal study. I think we need to know the facts about Pullman's financial future, not just guesses. Remember in addition to wiring in his name you must pencil in the oval on an absentee ballot or punch out the "chad" at your polling place.

Judy Krueger is the other choice and is from Ward 3. She believes in these issues in much the same way as Gary does. So if you believe the citzens (including students) of Pullman need more of a voice in City government, please vote for Gary Johnson & Judy Krueger. They will listen to your concerns about Pullman's future.
So Janet has actually heard Gary Johnson speak? Where? At a PARD meeting? The Daily News , to my knowledge, has not run a candidate profile of Johnson, nor has the Daily Evergreen. Johnson did not respond to the Lewiston Trubune's request for comment in their candidates profile. And Johnson was unable to attend last Thursday's candidate forum due to a birthday.

All we really know about Gary Johnson is what Christoper Lupke said in an editorial in the Evergreen last Thursday, what Cynthia Hosick said at the LWV candidates forum last Thursday night, and now Ms. Damm's letter.

Can anyone remenber a campaign like this, where the candidate never said anything in his or her own behalf? Not exactly sterling recommendations in my book. As Sarcastic Housewife #1 has pointed out, the words "PARD puppet candidate" come to mind. Having the same last name as the mayor and being active in the NEA are not qualifications for elected office.

PARD's demand for a economic impact study is taking on new dimensions. The implication of Ms. Damm's letter seems to be that either the city government is either lying about the financial crisis we are experiencing or the council is in fact directly responsible for it through their malfeasance. Strong words. It's going to get a lot nastier in the next week, as we have already seen.

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