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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Burma William's Letter to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News

In Wednesday, October 26th's edition of the Daily News a letter to the editor was included from Burma Williams of Pullman. While she didn't come out in support of Wal-Mart she clearly stated she didn't support PARD. Burma asked an important question. Why is it that PARD thinks they can decide what is exactly right for Pullman? She stated that "T.V. Reed and his minions" have somehow appointed themselves to be in charge of what should be considered "classy" and what "fits" for Pullman. Here is an excerpt from her letter:

"Since PARD has set itself up to decide what "fits" our "classy" community, does this meant that, in the future, members of PARD will dictate how we dress when we are out and about in Pullman?

Will they also decide which are the places of worship that "fit" Pullman and we can attend and which ones don't fit and we can't attend?

Are Reed and PARD members going to start looking into the windows of our homes to make sure that we don't do anything that isn't "classy?"

For me the question is not: does Wal-Mart belong in our community? Rather the question is: does PARD, with its intolerance and exclusivity, belong in Pullman?"

It is a question we all should be asking ourselves.


WSUStretch said...

We're starting to see some additional people supporting Ann H and standing up against PARD. This letter from Burma was to the point and really turned the issue away from Wal-Mart and onto the real "problem(s)" Thanks Burma!

Uncle Bubba said...

I don't believe I know MS Williams but she cetainly expresses what a lot of folks in Pullman feel. Bravo Burma we're on your side.