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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


In today's Daily Evergreen, Dr. Ed Schweitzer, founder and president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, and arguably one of Pullman's most well-known and influential business leaders and residents, said the following:
Pullman is in a period of reasonable growth. This growth is going to bring a lot of opportunities for all of us. It is important that as a community we welcome all businesses, small and large, chains and independents, including Wal-Mart.

It's very positive that Pullman is attracting businesses to invest and take risk, without any incentives from the government.

Ed Schweitzer
The Wal-Mart bandwagon is going to need a few more horses to pull it along now.


Uncle Bubba said...

Ed Schweitzer, by design or choice is a community leader. I for one am encouraged by his commitment to our town and area, both as an employer{largest other than WSU]and as a visionary of economic growth and prosperity.It would be easy for him to remove himself from matters that don't directly affect him or SEL.By coming out publicly and endorsing WALMART he has shown us again his commitment to our community.Thanks Ed

Ray Lindquist said...

Well said Uncle, Ditto