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Thursday, October 14, 2010



“Acorn” Rick Larson’s campaign is apparently in disarray. He has gone negative alright but with items that just don’t make any sense. The idea that John Koster has shipped jobs “overseas” is ridiculous and drew a hail of laughter over at Koster campaign headquarters. Rick, update your resume and take that lucrative lobbyist job that your wife wants you to take.

Snohomish County GOP State Committeewoman Dullain Ehrlich was the subject of a very funny e-mail that is circulating all over Western Washington and in particular Snohomish and King County. Why? Well she is in a photo holding one side of a banner that says FIRE PELOSI and the funny part is that the person on the other side holding the banner was none other that Republican hating Jerry Cornfield. Jerry is the hated political writer for the Washington Post owned Everett Herald. Jerry is embedded deep inside the Washington State Democratic Party and I am sure that he is going to regret that he allowed that picture to be taken.

Rob McKenna is at it again! As the lead representative of the “global warming” wing of the Washington State GOP, Rob decided to take aim at mortgage companies and banks with a comment in today’s Seattle Times to the effect “Corners likely cut in home seizures!” Rob, this is a non-judicial state with regard to foreclosures and how in the hell could you know that corners were cut without conducting an investigation? I suggest you are a failure as an Attorney General and I can assure you that you will end up as the GOP candidate for Governor in the election in two years over a whole host of dead bodies and one of them will be mine!

Success story of the year is Heidi Munson over in the 1st District. She went into the primary with no money, very little support and proceeded to knock on thousands of doors and ended up winning a stunning victory. Now with the support of a whole host of organizations, she is a shoo-in to be the Rep in position 2 in the First!

It looks like FINALLY that the James Watkins’ effort to unseat the unpopular Congressman Jay Inslee is off and running. My advice to Jim: KNOCK ON DOORS IN KIRKLAND.

Dan Kristiansen one of the main GOP leaders of State House Republicans is walking around with a big smile on his face! Why? Because the numbers coming in indicate that the GOP is going to take over the House in Olympia. Over on the Senate side, it’s a close call, but the GOP could take the Senate as well. Governor Christine Quagmire is in big trouble next January.

Patty Murray is so far ahead in the Senate race with Dino Rossi that it is all over? That is according to Seattle pollster Stuart Elway! Stuart, you are an idiot, you are a left wing jerk, and you have no idea what you are talking about. 5 national polls show that Dino is ahead by 2, 3 and in one poll 5 points. Patty Murray, widely regarded as the dumbest US Senator in history, is going down in flames! She went negative too early and some of the ads that she ran saying that Dino was a crook did not go over very well with the independent voters. By the way, I am hearing that the union get out the vote program is not going very well. Meaning? Low union turnout in the November election means defeat for Murray. The move by Boeing to take the second 787 line to South Carolina is the lead weight hanging around Patty’s neck!

On a national “take back the Congress bus tour”, RNC Chairman Michael Steele visited John Koster’s campaign headquarters in Arlington last Friday and did some campaigning. My question: Did he bring money?

Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and Republican challenger Dino Rossi sat down Thursday night for the first of their two televised debates, this first one in Spokane. Patty seemed tentative and nervous. Dino came off polished, knowledgeable and confident. Patty has no chance of even coming close to carrying Eastern Washington, where she is VERY unpopular.

Finally, over in the OTHER Washington

Charlie Gasparino, insider news reporter for the Fox Business Network, learned that Rahm Emanuel, outgoing Chief of Staff for Obama, had begun calling the CEO’s of the Fortune 20 yesterday asking them why they were not hiring. Charlie’s report about this matter on the air Thursday drew howls of laughter from inside the studio. Clearly the Obama Administration doesn’t have a CLUE about much of anything. The late Johnny Carson once said on the Tonight Show, “When they start laughing at you, it’s all over!”


Anonymous said...

Rick Larsen is not running a campaign because what is he going to talk about: Obama deathcare, failed stimulus, higher taxes, Acorn funding, and on and on.

Anonymous said...

why should we care if James watkins knocks on any doors at all?? The guy is 100% RINO.

I voted for Matthew Burke in the primary and I warned people about Watkins dishonesty back then, when he spread lies about Burkes past. I was so red hot mad when I heard the other day that Watkins was let go from microsoft. He has never said that once in the primary. He bragged about his experience like he was better than Burke becuase of how great he was at Microsoft, but I guess Microsoft didnt think to highly of him. I double checked on the Watkins website and didnt see anything about it. I am personally disgusted Watkins misled so many people in the primary.

MESSAGE TO MY FELLOW TRUE RED STATE CONSERVATIVES: BETTER RECRUIT HONEST CANDIDATES NEXT TIME! What a waste of a candidate in a year that's supposed to be good for us. We can't afford to send up these candidates with such character flaws... don't get me wrong, I'm definitely voting for Watkins over Inslee, but I wish I could vote for a Republican I can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Good work Bob.

Michael Plunkett
Republican PCO
Edmonds City Council.