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Monday, October 04, 2010

Can Dan Griffey Running for the State House in the 35th, see his Mother's Support?

Another great article by Dinah Lee Griffey on Patriotic Resistance

Not if he is touring the Historical Societies old school house where his mother worked as a volunteer this weekend at Oysterfest.

Barb Griffey was asked to remove her small Griffey 4 State House pin this weekend by staff at Oysterfest. She complied but not before asking about her freedom of speech being impaired by doing so. She was told that it was not just her and that workers were out in the parking lot removing any political signs they saw on cars. The gentleman who approached her let her know he was helping her out by not demanding she remove her t-shirt supporting her son Dan, as well. He was able to let her off because she had a coat to wear.

The real concern came when Barb was told that Candidates and their families or associates who did this sort of thing "would feel the pinch come election time if they continued this sort of behavior." Barb, not knowing exactly what that meant was noticeably upset at the open threat.

"I came here as I have done for decades to support our community and offer children and adults a glimpse into Mason Counties past though our Museum. I am not promoting anything here but our rich history. I am however, a very proud mother, and if you knew Dan you would know why" said Mrs. Griffey.

Needless to say, these sorts of threats and bullying do not represent Oysterfest which is a time honored and loved tradition in our community but it is a reminder of just how fragile our freedom of speech can be if not carefully guarded. When was the last time you were questioned or threatened about the t-shirt or button you were wearing or asked to remove it?

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