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Friday, June 25, 2010

Rasmussen: Rossi and Murray in Dead Heat

The latest Rasmussen poll continues to spell trouble for the Democrats in the Washington U.S Senate race.  For an 18 year incumbent to be polling below 50% less than 5 months before the election has to be very troubling.  According to Rasmussen:

Despite the closeness of her race against Rossi in a year that so far seems to be going the GOP’s way, Murray has the powers of incumbency at hand in a state that trends Democratic. Still, incumbents that fall short of 50% at this stage of a campaign are considered potentially vulnerable. 
In fact Murray is so weak, that Rossi's fellow Republicans have both gained on her. Clint Didier is up 3% and Paul Akers is up 6% from the last Rasmussen poll.


Murray is so panicked, in fact, that she is conjuring up leftist bogeymen Sarah Palin and Karl Rove in a fundraising e-mail:
"We've also learned that Sarah Palin is planning to go 'all in' in support of her hand-picked Tea Party candidate, Clint Didier," Bjornstad wrote.
"With Karl Rove and Sarah Palin both targeting this race, we know we're going to have our hands full all the way through Election Day - and we need your help to fight back."
In her letter earlier this week, Murray warned of "Karl Rove's multi-million dollar threat" and linked the former White House deputy chief of staff - nicknamed "Bush's Brain" - to Rossi.

"Working together, I know we can defeat Karl Rove and Dino Rossi this November," Murray wrote.
It's obvious Murray has no issues to run on, so she is going to resort to the tried and true Alinksy demonization method.

Rossi's tremendous edge in social media has also prompted the "Mom in Tennis Shoes" to finally join the 21st Century and start a Twitter account, @PattyforWA, two days ago.

It's going to be an interesting race.

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