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Friday, June 25, 2010

"The Reagan Wing" Were For Rossi Before They Were Against Him

The cranks headed up by Doug Parris at the poorly-named "The Reagan Wing" blog have been pounding Washington U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi recently as the candidate being forced on all the decent liberty-loving folks of this state by the "establishment/King County/left/gay" wing of the Washington State Republican Party.  Purportedly, Parris represents the thinking of the state's Campaign for Liberty (Ron Paul's political organization,) many of whose members support Clint Didier (the Campaign for Liberty cannot officially endorse a candidate.)  I have spoken with representatives of the C4L and can say that Parris' toxic viewpoint does not represent all of their members thinking.

That's why it was intriguing to find this link on Google:


But when I clicked on it, I got this message:


Thank goodness then for the Google cache, which shows the page as it appeared on June 6.
The article, written by Parris and dated August 12, 2008, refers to "Washington State’s leading actual Conservative, Dino Rossi."  Parris' glowing words for Dino were in response to Rossi answering questions posed by Ron Paul supporters asking his stance on various issues including abortion and gin control, which are posted in the blog.  This is interesting coming from Parris, who now acts as if he doesn't know where Dino stands on the issues and demands that he be "vetted."

In his letter, Rossi mentioned:
I have traveled the state and had the opportunity to meet many supporters of Ron Paul. I also understand that there are many in the state of Washington who continue to feel passionately about his candidacy and his platform. We have Ron Paul supporters on staff and volunteering in our campaign offices and in our field organizations around the state. I welcome their participation, and I am honored by their support.
And indeed, again Rossi has Lew Moore, Ron Paul's 2008 National Campagn Manager, on his staff as a senior advisor.

Parris continued to sing Dino's praises in a comment responding to someone who accused Rossi of being a "master dialectician," a criticsm Parris now also makes:
Rossi’s base is made of even wider contrasts. He seeks to win the highest political office in a State where both Parties and the media are controlled by Sons of Belial.
He is engaged in an act of marksmanship that requires astounding accuracy, to hit, in a single shot, an intellectual target so small you and I can’t even see it. It is to sing a melody so perfect that it puts lions to sleep and, yet, gently wakes the maiden… and he must do so while finding footing on a moving platform among friend and foe, everyone jostling.
That is to say, he is running to win, not simply make a point.
I’m convinced Dino is our man. On every front where he has power he will turn us in the right direction and will be re-elected.
If you still believe there is hope to save the Republic at the ballot box, you have to vote for him. The good he will do as governor is potentially earth-shaking. Washington is governor-centric.
One wonders why Parris turned so viciously on Rossi this time, considering Rossi's polcies and approach have not changed one iota since 2008.  Parris has also repeatedly attacked Chris Widener and myself for acting as "cheerleaders" for Rossi because he has the best chance to win the Senate race, just as Parris was "cheerleading" for him for governor in 2008.  No wonder Parris deleted his story.

Okay, feel free to resume the intra-conservative in-fighting that will keep the Democrats in power for another generation in Washington.

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