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Friday, July 29, 2005

This Will Not Stand

Overheard at the Pullman city clerk's office: a record number of people have filed for the city council elections this fall (half the city council is up for reelection). To me, this indicates that PARD might be plotting to take over the government of this city as they can't stop Wal-Mart any other way. This is the approach that is being taken by the anti-Wal-Mart group in Stanwood.

If so, it will not stand.

Between now and November, I will oppose any attempt to take over our city by this group of arrogant radicals. I call on all right-thinking citizens in Pullman to begin mobilizing now for the fight that may lie ahead.

These are the current incumbents:
City of Pullman; Ward 1 Pos. 7
Bill Paul (NP)

City of Pullman; Ward 2 Pos. 2
C. B. (Barney) Waldrop (NP)

City of Pullman; Ward 2 Pos. 1
Sue Hinz (NP)

City of Pullman; Ward 3 Pos. 5
Ann Cox Heath (NP)
If your council member is running for reelection, I suggest you contact them and pledge your support. The stakes have never been higher.


A reader has informed me that Sue Hinz and Ann Heath are probably not running again. Barney Waldrop was running unopposed as of 4:00 PM Friday, but a late filing challenger was expected.

Al Sorensen has thrown his hat in the ring (not sure what ward yet) and he has my full support. He is being opposed by someone who recently moved back to Pullman. The Vote Washington site for Whitman County has not been updated yet with a list of candidates. I will keep you updated.

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