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Monday, July 25, 2005

Imperial Hubris

Hey Pullman, an article in the latest issue of the Seattle alternative paper "The Stranger" sums up how some Seattleites view us here in Eastern Washington. Some choice quotes:
"Let's get a few things straight: Eastern Washington does not run this state. The cities of the Puget Sound region run this state. This is not arrogance, this is simply a fact."

"Eastern Washington can't even pay for its own roads without sucking off the rich tit of our urban tax base."

"...benefit only the bruised egos of a minority of rural Washingtonians who have minimal political clout, wimpy economic muscles, and a grudge against big cities."

"For those in the east to now begrudge us a bit of their money to fix two of the Puget Sound area's most vital arteries is simply ridiculous."

"So give up on Eastern Washington. We don't need them in order to win an initiative battle."

"Tell people that a vote against I-912 is a vote against a bunch of economic leeches in the east who don't seem to care about helping our cities remain functional."
Yeah, it's not arrogance. Riiiiggghhhttttttt.

Do you need any more reasons to vote for I-912 this November?

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