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Thursday, March 03, 2011

How Dare a teacher Punish My Child?!

I was in school when the teacher was able to spank students if there was parents' permission. When the paddle came out you know someone deserved it. There were always some issues with kids, but they never got very bad when the kid knew a paddle was waiting.

If I got in trouble at school the last thing I wanted is for my parents to find out because I would get in even more trouble for acting out at school.

It seems like there might have been a change in how parents react to their children getting in trouble at school.

"A Washington mother who says a teacher taped her 7-year-old son to a classroom chair is angry and calls the incident 'child endangerment.'" -- SeattlePI.com website

The kid described it as a "tape seat belt".

I think the solution is as soon as a kid acts up, he is taken out of the classroom and a parent is called to take the child home for the rest of the day. How much do you want to bet that parents would quickly start changing their tune about discipline in school after getting called to school and having to leave work more than once?

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