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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I-912 Makes the Ballot for November

The following e-mail was sent by NoNewGasTax.com yesterday:
After a 32-day campaign for which you helped collect and turn into the Secretary of State a near record 420,570 signatures, the good news has just been announced.

Initiative 912 has qualified for the November ballot!!

Because of your support we did what all the experts said was impossible and our opponents fought hard to prevent. You helped ensure that Olympia got the message that the people run Washington state, and not the special interests.

Tomorrow, you will receive additional information about our fight to protect the right of the citizens of our state to work for and support initiatives.

But until then, good work on helping get the No New Gas Tax initiative on the ballot. Without your committed support it never would have happened.

Now, we will work together to pass this historic measure at the polls in November.
Pullman voters should appreciate the rare chance to rid themselves of an unfair tax at a time when gas prices are at an all-time high. We don't need to help Seattle pay for its ferries, viaduct and floating bridge.

I-912 has been one of the hottest issues in Washington political history. It should make for an interesting off-year election, with the inevitable ads for and against I-912.

One thing's for sure: I-912 is bound to increase conservative voter turnout here in Eastern Washington. That's bad news for all the PARDners running for the city council.

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